Interior Lighting

Because of the variety of décor, sizes, and functions of the rooms in your home, different interior lighting options may be necessary. Overall, multi-arm lights are flexible possibilities for a variety of room sizes as you can choose the number of arms best suited. Alternatively, semi-flush or flush fittings are perfect for low ceilings, and many of our fittings are height adjustable. Floor standing arc lights are also an effective solution that don’t require any wiring. Additionally, we stock a wide selection of finishes to enable the creation of a coordinated decorating scheme. To adapt from a bright, general light for daytime to an intimate light in the evening, dimmable lighting is also available. The most effective and attractive kitchen technique is to use recessed downlights, which appear far neater than a surface-mounted track and spotlights and are less susceptible to the gathering of grease, dust and dirt. An eye-catching pendant can provide excellent light over a dining table, with the added benefit of creating a focal feature. Whatever your needs, Complete Lighting has a wide and varied selection of products from our comprehensive collection of suppliers.

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Exterior Lighting

Your garden and exterior can be such a pleasure during the day, but is it forgotten at night? Even if it is small, a garden could become an extra room in your house and provide an added dimension to the character of your home. If your garden has a well-designed lighting scheme, your eye will be drawn outside to all the features you have lit, and the feel of space will expand to include the area surrounding your home.A garden can appear magical at night if you simply light a few carefully chosen features. Even a lantern can be enough to provide a glow or focus. A little light goes a long way at night; it is therefore important to decide what features to light and to what intensity.Garden lighting can be problematic. One example of this is the "security light" approach, in which a halogen light located above a door or window gives an overall flood of light, but will not create any atmospheric or feature lighting. Your garden can become a magical area at night with the right lighting. Why not highlight special plants and features with spotlights, or add focused wall lighting to your patio area? 

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LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are a fast evolving, high technology light source.  The primary benefits of LED based lighting are energy efficiency,  long life, minimal maintenance and pure, saturated colours Reduce Your Energy Bills with Low Energy Household BulbsCut the cost of your electricity bills in the home with gu10 led bulbs that offer lower energy consumption and reduced operating costs. Save money with gu10 led bulbs that are more efficient and offer a better performance that standard lighting. Whether you are looking to go green in your office or prolong the life of your lighting; we offer a range of gu10 led bulbs to help you make the most of an eco friendly lighting solution.GU10 Led Bulbs: Save with Superior LightingSwap your inefficient and expensive halogen lights for gu10 led bulbs and other eco bulbs that are environmentally friendly and cheaper to run. Refuse to suffer the low quality lighting of bulky eco bulbs and install gu10 led bulbs that deliver quality illumination instantly. Whether you are looking for a stylish lighting solution or a greener way to light your home; we stock a range of gu10 led bulbs and household bulbs that deliver quality light and reduce the need for numerous bulbs; saving you even more in the long run.

LED Strip LightsWe carry a comprehensive range of flexible and rigid LED strip lights, LED tape and LED ribbon, either non-waterproof or waterproof (IP67/68). These are mainly used  as architectural and mood lighting but can also be used as task lighting. Some of the typical applications include ...    * Border or perimeter lighting.    * Shelf light    * Architectural decorative lighting .    * Use indoor and outdoors (waterproof IP67/68) use to highlight areas    * Concealed lighting    * Cove and under cabinet lighting    * Deck lighting (waterproof IP67/68)We also offer RGB LED strips or Colour Changing RGB Led strip, either as standa

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Complete Lighting Solutions

Light was founded in 2004 by Shane O'Byrne with one simple aim - to source for our clients Europe's finest lighting, from the timeless allure of glittering crystal to modern contermpory designer luminaries. We believe that working closley with our customers allows us to be able to supply exactly what you reqauire, We are here to offer any advice on products types or on techinal information on lighting layouts, information on halogen and LED lamps etc that  you may require. You can now chat with us live on our   FACEBOOK  page 

Our shop is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 5.00pm and Saturday 10.00am until 3.00 pm, however due to customers requirments, deliveries etc I am unable to be there all day  which may be inconvenient if calling in. If you would to visit the shop at any particular time, please feel free to contact me in advance and I will endeavour to be there for the time that suits you.   You can also make an appointment to suit your own time including out of work hours.